Louis Hiemstra Photography


Louis Hiemstra Photography


Louis W Hiemstra

Photographer, light painter & photo editor

Stargazing Namibia

Louis is a Cape Town based professional photographer. He specialises in documentary-, food & travel photography. He is a seasoned time lapse photographer, and has a special affinity for making photographs in low light.

The love of travel courses through every fibre of his being, and documenting these travels in a creative way is what makes Louis tick.

Louis completed a 3 year National Diploma in Photography in 1996 at the Technikon Freestate.

After a detour of working in the IT industry for 9 years, Louis decided to follow his heart and pursue photography full time.

He was employed as in-house photographer at a Cape Town production company ‘Cooked in Africa Films’ where he spent 5 years documenting the company’s work, shooting countless timelapses, and illustrating 6 cook books.

Louis was HOD of Stills on the previous 4 seasons of SA reality tv show ‘The Ultimate Braai Master’ where his duties included incidental sponsor product placement, behind the scenes, accommodation trade exchanges, time lapse photography, portraiture, product and food photography.

Louis is currently freelancing full time, and eager to make your pixels speak.